Thursday, June 19, 2008

Augustus and Friends

Over the last year, Augustus has made some really great friends and all have amazing stories. His two bestfriends are Borrego and Cochise, owned by another Shiloh boarder, Sharil Palaggi. Borrego found his way to Shiloh through Animal Control. His previous owners abused him badly, beating his penis until it was eventually not functional. While in rehabilitation, he underwent three surgeries, one to geld him and the other two on his penile prolapse finally resulting in the partial amputation of his penis. After healing successfully, he was adopted by Sharil and has since had a wonderful life. Cochise was also brought to Shiloh through Animal Control. He was found wandering around a neighborhood in Las Vegas and was never claimed (sometimes people will just let unwanted horses loose to fend for themselves) and eventually was adopted by Sharil. Augustus' girlfriend, Wishes, was saved from slaughter. Her mother was dumped at a feedlot when Wishes was an unborn foal. Shiloh was able to save her mother from the "killer buyers" and brought her back to Shiloh. The birth of Wishes was uneventful, but her mother rejected her and would not allow her to nurse. Every attempt Wishes would make, her mother would kick out and squeal. Shiloh made the tough decision to take the foal in to the vet clinic for badly needed Colustrum at hour 5. There is a 12 hour window for a foal to get the much needed Colostrum from its mother, but she was in danger of getting injured. At the vet clinic Wishes was tubed, given the Colostrum, and also given an enema to keep things moving along. When she returned to Shiloh, her mother still would not accept her and Wishes was bottle feed every 1.5 hrs by staff. Luckily, her mother eventually accepted her and began nursing her to health. Wishes was adopted by Jenny Kane, who also boards her at Shiloh.
Gus and Wishes

with Borrego

with Cochise

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