Monday, June 16, 2008

Shiloh Horse Rescue

( Founded in 2003, Shiloh Horse Rescue and Sanctuary is a Federally recognized non-profit that rescues abused, neglected, injured, and slaughter bound horses of all types. They attend slaughter auctions and rescue horses from the killer buyers, bring the horses back to the ranch for rehabilitation, and then adopt them out to new homes. Shiloh is run by a mother / daughter team, Jill Curtis and Sally VandenBerg. All of my boarding costs go back into the rescue to help the horses with all necessary feeds, medications, and supplies. Augustus has made himself quite at home with Shiloh. When he first went through those gates on June 24th, 2007 and into his new stall, he was completely wild. From the open range, to the holding facility, to the adoption, and now Shiloh, he had been through so many changes in such a short time and now faced another. But, all the daily happenings, sights, and sounds at the ranch proved wonderful for Augustus. He was exposed to boarders, visitors, volunteers, ranch dogs, tractors, and various other animals on a 24/7 basis. Within a few months, our bond was solid. We were leading all over the property, exploring each and every inch, and discovering all the arenas, pastures, and turnouts. He starting becoming more curious toward other people, making some friends to play with, and of course realized how tasty a carrot could be. So, in an effort to bring all of you folks up to date as soon as possible, Augustus has become quite a charming and intelligent young colt, and has opened the eyes of many to the Mustang breed along the way. Being at Shiloh has helped me in many ways too. I have become more aware of all the issues surrounding horse slaughter and livestock auctions, and have come to realize and see the extent of improper care and inhumane treatment horses of all ages are subjected to, both domestic and wild. Gus and I have made some great friends at Shiloh and are very thankful for the sense of family that has developed. The next few pictures were taken on Gus' first day at Shiloh.

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horse rescue said...

We have to make some voluntary campaigns and educate people about horse slaughter and at the same time instruct horse owners to be responsible also. Horses need a quality life just as much as any other living thing. It might not seem like a big thing to save the life of an animal, but it is some thing which is very valuable.