Thursday, July 10, 2008

Congress responds to BLM's plan

I would like to take a quick moment and say thank you to Representatives Nick Rahall (WV) and Raul Grijalva (AZ) for taking a stand on behalf of our wild horses. Click here to read their letter to the BLM. In the letter, Congress addresses the many questions and concerns we have all had, demanding answers before further actions can take place within the program. I would also like to say thank you to everyone who has made sure that their voices were heard, keeping the health, well being, and conservation of our horses and burros in mind.


Andrea said...

Good looking blog you have here, and Gus is sure a cutie! Sounds like you two have a great partnership. Glad to have found you!

Luv4Horses said...

I have heard that the BLM plans to round up the majority of these wild horses and send them to slaughter houses. This is nothing short of a disaster! I'm outraged and upset, isn't anything in this country sacrit anymore? I plan on making my voice heard to stop this from happening. The BLM has no hard evidence or documentation on their findings. Also, I believe their decisions have been thought with greed, and influenced by the cattle ranchers. There are millions of cattle and only a few thousand wild horses, how can a few thousand wild horses be eating all of the cattles feed? It simply isn't true. Since it is not legal in the US to eat horse meat, the BLM see's no use to have the horses around, so they try to get rid of them and gain some profit by the killer buyers in the slaughter houses (auctions). I hope the Congress never lets them kill these wonderful animals, because it will make me be ashamed to call myself an American.

Amber said...

Hi Eric. I am glad I found your blog and someone else is as upset as I am. I am grateful for the information you have posted on your blog, I had no idea where I needed to start to get my voice heard and be able to pass that information along. If you didn't see George Knapp's report on Channel 8 news last night, you should go to that website and watch. A man with the BLM said that putting the horses down was a humane way to die rather then letting them starve to death. What is so humane about a bullet to the brain? That was one of the options that the BLM has to kill these beautiful animals. What a shame!!!