Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Great Start to July

So far, the introduction to July has been great. Augustus is adapting to his pasture nicely. Borrego is of course attached to Gus' hip, confirming that the pasture move was a good choice. Today Augustus was trimmed by his new Farrier, Osbaldo. Osbaldo works at the A-G Sod Farm here in Sandy Valley, and he did a wonderful job. Not only was his work nice, but his temperment was wonderful. Very calm, collected, and patient. Wishes was also trimmed by Osbaldo, and she handled it very nicely. If you are in the area, and want a real professional to handle your horses hooves, let me know and I will pass on Osbaldo's information. Wishes was turned out briefly in Gus' pasture today, to say hello and have some fun, and boy did she kick up some dust! I think Augustus is really starting to feel at home. :)


Jenny K. said...

Eric,you've done a wonderful job on your blog (especially since Wishes is in it - hahaha). Seriously, I loved reading all your posts and seeing some pics I'd never seen before. The ones of you and Gus are especially tender and sweet, and you can see that he loves you by his soft expression. It even looks like he smiles at you in some pics. Beautiful job!

Eric Clayton said...

Thank you very much, Jen Dog!

Katherine said...

Who's that handsome palomino!?! :-)