Sunday, July 6, 2008

Relaxin' Day at Shiloh

Augustus and I had a nice relaxing Sunday to finish out the week. The sand felt great today to Gus, and after numerous rolls, we decided to hang out a bit in the sand and just enjoy it. We also did alot of exploring, and Wishes was lucky enough to join us. We went walking all through the back 40 acres of the ranch, all through the Mesquite trees, and up to the fenceline of the neighboring Kingston Ranch. We were planning to head out through the main gates, into Sandy Valley, but Wishes was still a bit tender from her trim yesterday, so we decided to save that for a later time.

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mikey said...

HI! Love your blog! Thanks for coming to visit! Love what you're doing. Why aren't you doing the Extreme Mustang Makeover??? You look like a natural!