Thursday, August 21, 2008

Augustus and Cortez

So, when Augustus was in his stall down on the "Boarder Corner" of the ranch, life was a bit more slow and he probably managed to make a schedule of the weeks activities. You know, certain people on certain dates, breakfast at this time and dinner at that time, etc. But, now that he is out in a pasture over on the main part of the ranch, the "Rescue" side, I am sure he is still trying to make sense of it all. There is so much activity over on that side, and Gus has had the chance to meet many more horses over the last few months (especially since he is an escape artist). He seems to have a special bond with Cortez, one of the "Wanderers" of Shiloh, and the coolest part about this friendship is that Cortez is also a Mustang. Cortez is a Mustang from Arizona, but that is all I know. He is basically the leader of all of the "Wanderers" at the ranch and has full run of the 40 acres. Since he arrived at Shiloh from the AZ feedlot, he has always been a bit distant, and I have not managed to get close enough to get a good, legible photo of his freezemark to learn a bit more of his history. Anyway, he is one of Jill's horses and will always live at Shiloh, so I have plenty of time to work on that freezemark close-up. After a nice walk, I put Gus in one of our arenas so that I could walk down and speak to some other friends who have recently adopted a Mustang, making sure all is well. When I returned, I found Gus and Cortez having some fun. I watched them for a bit, then finally whipped out the camera to capture the moment on video. The other picture is one sent to me from Dave and Deonna Hickey, fellow Boarders of Shiloh, who snapped the pic of Gus in the neighboring pasture, hanging out in the Mesquite trees.

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Mikey said...

Gus and Cortez look like they could do that all day long. Looks like fun!!!
I bet you can't wait till you're riding him :)