Sunday, August 17, 2008

Into the Great Wide Open

Well, the last few days have been rather training breakthroughs, no sandstorms, no flash floods, just Augustus and I enjoying each other's company. I never thought that a guy like me, someone who grew up on the Gulf Coast in Southeast Texas would ever say this, but the humidity lately has been horrible, almost unbearable. It just zaps the life out of you, leaving you with no energy at all. Now, if anyone from back home is reading this, they are either on the floor laughing at me right now or staring at my typed words with their mouths wide open. You see, down in Texas, I grew up in really hot temperatures with the humidity level not far from 100% and then you have to factor in the mosquitos. So, when I say that the "humidity" has been killer, it is probably like 10% or something like that, but for the Mojave Desert...that is alot, and it definitely shows. Everyone at the ranch this weekend seemed to be going at "slo-mo", just getting through the day. Lots of rain clouds scattered about, wetting the mountains but leaving us down in the valley alone. So, being that I didn't have that much motivation, Gus had a blast just playing with his friends and staying active. A few pics below are of him and one of our resident Mustang wanderers, Cortez, having some fun together. We did manage to take off outside the gates and explore the open desert a bit, and on Saturday we had Wishes and Jenny join us. Its always nice to walk outside the property and enjoy the peace and quiet. The four of us walked a bit along the Kingston Ranch airstrip, and luckily their plane decided to hold off landing until long after we had gone. I took some pictures of our walk outside the gates and when I started to email them to my folks back in Texas, I decided to be funny and come up with a short story to send along as well. The story evolved a bit and got out of hand, but I think it is quite funny and felt it worth sharing here on the blog for the rest of you. You will either think I am completely insane or get an idea of my sense of humor, haha. Enjoy.

Saturday August 16th
"So, today was another glorious day for the dynamic duo, Augustus and Eric. They ventured far from the Shiloh fenceline, into the open desert...discovering Palmer's Chipmunks, locusts, new flora and fauna, and even a Chuckwalla. We trudged our way through the hot, sandy floor known to most as Sandy Valley, CA or the "Mesquite Valley" until we reached our destination of Kingston Road. Upon our arrival, we were lucky enough to be blessed with a Dodge pickup passing by, and as any considerate "country folk" would do...they slowed down a bit as they passed us with a tip of the hat. Naturally, we tipped back. Augustus was not timid, and all that was present in his behavior as the truck passed was a mere shiver...almost as if he had seen that truck before.....we moved on. We headed back to the Shiloh gates with a brisk step and dinner on the mind. As the wind picked up, we crossed the threshold of the Shiloh entrance just seconds before a duststorm blew down the driveway creating a stir but with minimal concern. As we headed back to Gus' pasture, most of the horses looked at him with amazement, wanting to taste that freedom for themselves, but he didn't make eye contact for long. We reached the pasture gate and swiftly put on his flymask. Not a sound was made as Gus took a few steps in and then stopped to look at me. There was a brief moment of silence as we both looked at each other intently. We both knew that this was only the beginning. Today, we conquered. Tomorrow, we probably will again."


arlene said...


You and Gus are going to have many adventures together. It looks so peaceful there.

Andrea said...

Nice pictures! Gus has cute ears. :)