Sunday, August 3, 2008

Introduction to Saddle

Well folks, we are only a few days into the month of August, but so far it has been a great start. As always, it was a very busy week at Shiloh. Since my last posting, Wishes has been moved out to the pasture with her newly adopted brother, Colbert. Augustus has been enjoying his pasture life with Borrego and Cochise, and now will have the special privilege of living with his girlfriend. boy is growing up. I guess I might have to actually set a curfew and hope that they both follow the rules. Luckily, both Borrego and Colbert are older so they can try to keep the shenanigans to a minimum. As for some really exciting news, we had a surprise little colt born today! The birth came out of nowhere and so far everything has been successful. If you have a few moments, check out the Shiloh blog to get all the details. To spice things up a bit this weekend, I decided to break out some gear since Augustus is nearing his second birthday this month. Now, before everyone gets all up in arms over this, just know that my only intention was to test the waters a bit. I have no intentions on riding Gus anytime soon. I hopped in my truck, threw my saddle rack, saddle, and pad into the bed, and hauled it over to the round pen. This commotion caught the attention of Felipe, Junior, and Leo and they quickly gathered outside the pen ready for a show. I placed the saddle on the rack in the middle of the round pen, and allowed some time for Gus' own curiosity to set in. I walked over with him as he sniffed the objects and then singled out the pad. A few minutes later we were walking around the pen with the pad on his back. I then grabbed the saddle and immediately was able to set it on top of the pad. He processed the situation for a minute or two and then I led him around, familiarizing himself with this new feel and weight. Absolutely no issues folks, this horse is good to go. First time, first try...all it takes is trust. The guys were expecting the event to be a bit more eventful, and truthfully I guess it all happened like I thought it would. I am definitely looking forward to this next year, eventually putting my foot in the stirrup, and showing folks what an All-American Mustang is all about.


Anne said...

Hi! I have been enjoying your blog. I agree with you about the whole trust thing. I started my 4 1/2 year old mustang almost two years ago. He was actually still a stud at that point and he never even turned an ear! All the time that I put into him on the ground was totally worth it. It makes me cringe when I see people who still think that you just hop on and let them buck it dangerous for all involved...and unnecessary.

Mikey said...

That horse sure does love you, you can see it in the pictures. Complete trust. Keep up the good work!

Andrea said...

What a good boy you have. He doesn't look too worried. I'm getting ready to start saddling our 3 year old mustang mare. I did set a saddle on her last winter and she didn't mind. I might set a pony saddle on her colt too, just for kicks. Working with the horses is so much fun!

Karen C. said...

Eric and Gus, GREAT JOB! Like everyone here has said, you and Gus love and trust each other, and it shows.
The two 5 year old mustangs we adopted didn't buck with a saddle, and Tripp, my EMM horse did not buck with the saddle. He did side step a little bit and it fell off, but it went right back on.
You and Gus are great together. Keep up the good work!

Karen and Tripp

Eric Clayton said...

Thanks, everyone!