Sunday, August 10, 2008

Kickin' up some dust!

Augustus has been doing alot of relaxing these last few days, and of course Borrego is always somewhere near. Whenever I can't be at the ranch, Sharil is always there. Wednesday, when she got to Shiloh and went to the "Boarder Pasture", my horse was missing. A few minutes later, I get a picture sent to my phone of Augustus about three of four pasture sections down, in the " Bachelor Pad." He likes to sneak through the fencing and wander all over from pasture to pasture, meeting different horses and seeing what trouble he can get in to. I told Gus that he needs to stay put or we will get evicted! :) This weekend he was in the right pasture when I got to the ranch, so he must have saw my truck driving up and ran back to where he was supposed to be! On Friday we had a bit of a "rodeo" at Shiloh. Cochise has been living in the big pasture and has been giving everyone hell when trying to catch him. From the moment he was put out there, he turned into a "wild child" and would run off and hide in the trees. The pasture is called the big pasture for a reason and you can tire quickly walking back and forth trying to catch him. So, we had 6 or 7 of us out there, a few lassos, and one camera and after about 30 minutes we were able to catch Cochise. The hardest part was getting him separated from all the other horses. Gus watched from a distance, very interested in what all the commotion and dust was all about, and even called out a few times like he wanted to be a part of all the action. Other than all that, Augustus is doing great and enjoying life. I need to remember and measure him over the next few days, as I am curious just how big he is and how much he weighs now. The few pics below are of Augustus and his pal, Rookie, playing in the arena; one of him and Tanis (the Friesian); Gus pressing his nose against me and falling asleep (I love how his lip pushes up and his teeth show); and lastly Gus and Borrego enjoying each other's company.


Karen C. said...

Ha ha! So Gus is an escape artist! I love it....especially you saying he probably heard your truck coming and he got back where he was supposed to be! You are probably right! :-)

Karen and Tripp

Katherine said...

Eric, are you also following the Parelli program or something similar with Gus?

Eric Clayton said...

No, not really. I am following the "Eric Method." :)