Monday, September 29, 2008

Pahrump Fall Festival Parade

The Fall Festival Parade in Pahrump, NV was this past Saturday, September 27th. It turned out to be a huge success for the NWHA and our Mustangs. We met early in the morning around 7:30 A.M. and pieced together our game plan for the event. Some NWHA volunteers made some tasty breakfast burritos for everyone and we loaded up on some water in preparation for our 3 mile parade route down the main street in Pahrump. Most of our foals present at the parade had not been adopted yet, so they were dressed up with some "Adopt Me" blankets. We made sure all of the foals had adequate water before taking off down the main streets as well. Our section of the parade was led by our NWHA members and horses, followed by our pick-up and trailer. The foals made the entire route without any hesitation and the crowd absolutely loved them. Most of us were loaded down with business cards and by the end of the parade we were completely out. The best thing about the parade is that we were able to promote our Mustangs and four of them stayed behind in their new homes in Pahrump!! During the parade, Jerrie Bertola with the BLM Wild Horse and Burro Program, was checking out the facilities of local residents who had submitted an application. The facility checks passed and the adoptions became official. After the parade, we drove from one end of Pahrump to the other, delivering the little guys to their new homes. A very rewarding day. Photos taken by Tara Kilpatrick and myself.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Photos by TDK

Hello all -
First off, I would like to take a quick moment and put out a big "Thank You" to Mikey out of Arizona for trekking all the way up to Idaho and then all the way back down to Sandy Valley, bringing in a blind mare to Shiloh. She is now in a safe, loving home where she is getting all sorts of attention and carrots. I also want to congratulate all the trainers and Mustangs who recently competed in the 2008 Extreme Mustang Makeover competition on September 20th in Fort Worth, Texas (especially my friends Buddy Uldrikson / AZ, Karen Cooper / MO, Matt Replogle / NV, and Robert Carlson / CA). Mark Lyon of Arlington, Nebraska took home the grand prize. You can check out all the contest scores and winners at the EMM 2008 website.
Okay, so thanks for stopping back in folks. I trust everyone is doing well. As usual, it has been crazy busy for Augustus and I out here in Nevada. My class last weekend, Much Ado About Mustangs, was a huge success. Sixteen people came out to listen and learn about the wild horses and burros and what they can do to help. The class went way over the time we had originally scheduled it for, but that was because of all the interest and questions the participants had. We covered history, laws, current issues and challenges, freezemarkings, HMA's, the adoption program, and euthanasia. If you name it, we probably talked about it. It was wonderful to hear everyone's comments and concerns, opening their eyes to the underlying factors that these animals are experiencing. The foals from the Nevada Wild Horse Range (Nellis) that we have been fostering have been finding homes left and right. The few remaining can be viewed from the National Wild Horse Association website, and will be in the Pahrump Fall Festival Parade on September 27th. I will be walking one of these cute little foals in the parade, so if you want one make sure you send in your application and adoption fee as soon as possible. :) Augustus is doing great. He is getting bigger every day it seems. I took some height and weight measurements a few weekends back, but they are not 100% reliable. According to my measurement tape, in a gale force wind storm, Gus was 14 hands and probably overweight. I think if I can remember to do so on Sunday, I will use Shiloh's measure and get an accurate reading and let all of you know then. So, besides pulling the hose out of the automatic watering system for his pasture this weekend, and spraying all horses within a 20 ft radius as the hose whipped around uncontrollably, Gus was very relaxed. We had a great day on Sunday walking with fellow Shiloh Boarder and Trainer, Dave Hickey, and his horse, Rookie. The four of us explored the back acres of Shiloh and then took off into the open desert of Sandy Valley, just takin' it easy and enjoying the peace and quiet. Both Augustus and Rookie had a great time, checking out all the new surroundings, sights, and sounds that the valley had to offer. I hope that Dave and Rookie decide to accompany Gus and I on many more adventures out there in the open desert...I am sure that Gus enjoyed the "equine" company. A bit later in the day, Tara Kilpatrick stopped by to test out her new camera. Tara is a volunteer for BLM and NWHA and spends so many hours a week observing our local herds. She usually observes them in the mornings and I will see them in the afternoon. Anyway, Tara really enjoys photography and I was honored to have her come out to Shiloh a snap a few pics of Gus and I. She really seems to capture the moment and the colors of the desert with her shots. The first three photographs from this posting were taken by Tara on September 21st. Tara also does notecards, mailing labels, envelopes, etc, so let me know if you would be interested in her services. The next picture posted is one of my "Mustang" class and the next two were taken by Deonna Hickey while Gus and I were in the Round Pen on September 15th.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Back in January '08

I was recently going through all of my videos that have been taken since the start of the year and had to post this one. It's amazing how much Augustus has grown since January, and of course that fuzzy winter coat of his put a big smile on my face. We will be seeing that again in the next few months. :)Anyway, don't have too much to say at the moment, just wanted to share a quick video. Have a good weekend.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Another Step in the Journey

Hey folks! Wow, it has definitely been a crazy two weeks since my last posting. First off, I actually went on a small vacation for a few days at the end of August. There is nothing like getting out of town, stepping back on some familiar ground, sharing goodly converse and libations with a few of your closest friends, enjoying the company of and getting to know some new friends, seeing one of the best bands of all time in concert for the second time, and just living...a much needed vacation. So, lots of cool stuff happening over the next few weeks out here for anyone who may be interested. As I have recently posted, I will be teaching the Much Ado About Mustangs class about Wild Horse and Burro Awareness at Shiloh Horse Rescue on September 13th, 2008. From the emails and interest I have been receiving, it seems the space is filling up fast so make sure you RSVP soon and I hope to see some of you there! With the NWHA, we have a few things in the works and are always looking for volunteers and folks just wanting to help in any way possible. With our group, if you are interested in helping in any way, you must become a member first. For more information about being a member of the NWHA, click on our NWHA Membership and fill out the information accordingly. We will be having our 18th Annual National Wild Horse Association Wild Horse & Burro Show and Adoption on October 18 & 19, 2008. On September 2oth, the 8th Annual Pahrump Pony Express Trail Ride will be taking place, and two other friends of mine will be riding as well. As far as Augustus is concerned, he has been doing great. We have been practicing loading and unloading the trailer and so far we have had no issues. He willingly follows me into the trailer and backs out beautifully. He is so cute listening to all of the familiar sounds from outside and looking through the openings. We are going to continue checking out that trailer frequently over the next few weeks, and maybe...just maybe we will be entering the NWHA show in October. I still haven't decided yet if I want to show versus working the adoption. I also jumped up on his back the other day and stayed on for about ten minutes or so. You guys have seen the pictures of me laying across his back, getting used to the weight and all before, but at this particular moment I don't think I could have had a bigger smile. It was such a relaxing, quiet day at Shiloh and Gus was so mellow. I jumped on, paying attention to any body tension and watching his ears. Luckily, Elisa was in earshot and ran over with her camera phone and snapped a few pictures. Gus just walked around the arena like he didn't even know I was on his back. I held the lead in my left hand, talking to him while rubbing just to the right of his withers. We managed a left turn, walked back toward Elisa, and I hopped off like it was standard practice. He has really turned into a wonderful, solid young horse and I couldn't be happier.