Monday, October 6, 2008

Augustus, meet Sawyer

It was another busy weekend for Augustus and I at Shiloh. When I arrived Saturday morning, I immediately met with Jill and signed some adoption paperwork for one of the rescue horses. My Mom is the primary adopter and I will be more or less the caretaker and co-owner of Gus' new brother, Sawyer. Sawyer (last two photos of post) was rescued from the livestock auction in Fallon, NV. He was previously used on a ranch and did some cattle work at a stockyard, and I think he will make a wonderful trail horse. So, needless to say, Gus has some adjusting to do over the next few weeks. At first, Gus tolerated Sawyer when we were seeing if the two of them would get along together. But now, Gus is very jealous and also very protective of me when Sawyer gets too close. Gus' ears pin back and he charges at Sawyer, telling him to stay on the other side of the pen. On the other hand, Sawyer is not to sure about socializing with other horses since all he knows how to do is work. He is more worried about what the humans are doing instead of running around being a horse. So, the two of them are going to be spending lots of quality time together until "being together" is fun and second nature, ha. Other than the new addition to the family, I was able to keep Gus on track and stay on schedule with his wormer, vaccines, and trim. Gus and I went on some nice relaxing walks this weekend and enjoyed playing around on the obstacle course, just focusing on some quality time. We were joined by a few others on Sunday and all had fun exploring the Mesquite trails. Gus and I are pros when it comes to exploring those trails and I look forward to the day when he becomes the perfect trail horse. He has become such a confident young horse and his curiosity to learn new things is amazing. Augustus means the world to me and I am so thankful for the day we found each other. I couldn't have found a more perfect Mustang.


Mikey said...

You and Gus are so awesome together. I love that horse, he is so dang pretty!! (I love those greys)

Eric Clayton said...

Thanks! :)

FishermansDaughter said...

Wow, he's really filled out! Lookin' good.