Saturday, November 8, 2008

Augustus and Latigo

Howdy all! Wow, its been a while since I have made a posting. I apologize, just been crazy busy as I am sure all of you have been, and I am still adjusting to having my hands full with two horses. But, all in all it has been a great start to November. Augustus is finally coming around a bit and tolerating Sawyer more and more each day. I can actually walk them all around the property at the same time now without them trying to kill each other. When you think about it, its easy to see why Gus would be jealous. I was "technically" the first human contact Gus was exposed to, at least with the love language and building that human/equine relationship. If you saw us on our first day together and saw us now, and know how inseparable we have always been at Shiloh, I bet it has been quite the experience for Gus. I may hop on Sawyer by next weekend and give a shot at ponying Gus and see what happens. I haven't had the chance to ride Sawyer since the adoption due to some wounds he received after being moved to pasture and being the new kid on campus. So, with the weather getting cooler and cooler out here, it has made for some very enjoyable days out at the ranch. Pretty soon though we will all be bundled up, facing that freezing wind and driving through a snowy mountain pass. Can't wait. :) The happenings with Gus and I at Shiloh have been good though. We have been doing alot of learning and playing with our playground area and taking some time to try some new techniques and obstacles. Augustus is such a fast learner!! It only takes once or twice and he is a master at a new concept. We will be getting down to business over the next few months though and by the time the summer comes around, I think Gus will be an old pro and well saddle broke. He is growing so fast it seems too. He was 14:1 a few weeks ago and still has plenty of time to grow. Mustangs are not generally a tall breed, but I think Gus still has alot of potential. He has longs legs which is very promising, and I can only keep my fingers crossed and hope that he grows into his "hay belly". :) The following pictures were taken over the last few weeks. Since it has been a while since the posting, I wanted to include a few extra pictures this time around. The action shots are of Gus and a Shiloh "Wanderer", Latigo. I hope you enjoy! :)


Katherine said...

Great pics, Eric...ponying is a good idea!

Breathe said...

Incredible pictures. I've spent all night reading your blog - finally a great place to hang out when I have insomnia. :)

FishermansDaughter said...

Made of awesome - as usual.