Monday, December 22, 2008

The Great Snowstorm of 2008

Just when you thought the weather couldn't get any crazier, the Las Vegas Valley and surrounding areas got some major snow. On Monday, December 15th, we had our first snow of the year. The mountains all around the Vegas area always get snow during the winter, but its rare that any actual collects on the valley floors. Surprisingly, Sandy Valley, Goodsprings, and parts of Las Vegas were covered in a blanket of snow. On Wednesday, December 17th, I woke up and started my drive out to the ranch. As I was heading south, the snow started to fall again. When I took the exit and made my way toward Goodsprings and Sandy Valley, the snow was really coming down. It made for a beautiful drive, but I knew I couldn't stay too long or I would be spending the night out there once the pass was closed. I spent alot of time just hanging out with Gus and walking around, really enjoying the snow. It was such a treat, and he looked really happy and was truly enjoying the cold weather. Of course, as you can imagine, I got distracted and two hours later I finally made my way out of the ranch, but it was coming down so hard that I could barely see the road and the Fire Dept had closed down the pass. I tried to take a back road to Pahrump and make it through their pass, but I could not see that road either and wasn't sure if I was even on the road anymore or if I was truckin' through open desert. After turning around and heading back into Sandy Valley, I made a call to some friends and luckily they were home and took me in for the night until the road could be reopened and sanded in the morning. The snowstorm made quite an impact for us out here. All incoming and outgoing flights at McCarren Airport were delayed, freeways shut down, and even schools were closed the following day. I snapped a few pictures of Sandy Valley after I woke up and had my coffee. Its amazing how different the area looked after being covered in snow! You would never know that you were in the Mojave Desert.

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