Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Road Warriors

Saturday, December 13th was one hell of a day. Beautiful sunrise, perfect weather. Then all of a sudden, somewhere around lunch time, the worst sandstorm we have ever seen came blowing through Sandy Valley and all of us at Shiloh were right in its path. The dust, sand, and debris was so bad that you could barely see your hands in front of your face at times. Augustus, Cochise, and Sawyer were out playing in the arena when it hit, so they huddled together and faced the opposite direction while using each other to block out the wind. The rest of us ran all over the property, making minor adjustments and making sure all of the important things were taken care of before running into the barn and seeking shelter. After about another straight hour of the weather, Sharil and I decided to make a run to our horses and attempt taking them back to their pasture. Cochise is a bit spooky, so I took him for Sharil and she handled Gus and Sawyer. We made it well over halfway, but then the sand was just too thick and the wind too strong, and Sharil could not see a thing. Luckily, Dave was coming back from the larger pasture and was able to take Gus and Sawyer from her and we continued on and were able to put our boys back safely. We made a few jokes that the situation was like something out of a Mad Max movie and referenced ourselves as the "Shiloh Road Warriors", haha. A crazy day, but thankfully everyone made it out alive and no one was injured. :)

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FishermansDaughter said...

Whoa. Nice hat. I have one just like it in blue.