Friday, January 23, 2009

Augustus, Dakotah, and Tooth # 2

WOW! Man, time has just been flying by! I just realized that the month is almost over and I haven't stopped to write a thing. Its been crazy busy this month, lots of stuff going on.

Augustus and I have been working frequently with tacking up and being under saddle. All of his new Aussie tack has been delivered and put together. He looks great in all of it and he knows it, ha. Last weekend, my friend Dakotah jumped up on Gus' back. I kept ahold of the lead line and we walked around the arena for quite some time. Dakotah was a bit nervous at first, but after a few minutes he knew he was safe as Gus stayed very calm and collected. This was a really cool moment for me, as this was the first time someone else had ever mounted my horse. The moment was also not wasted on Dakotah as he realized the work that has gone into Gus and knowing that he was once completely wild. Awesome, awesome day. I don't know if I mentioned it previously or not, but Gus also lost his second tooth. The new permanent is nearly all the way in, and like before, I cannot find that damn tooth! He still had it one day and the next day it was gone. I searched all over the pasture again, checked his favorite hang out spots, the water troughs, etc but no luck. He probably swallowed it.


Mikey said...

Aww, that's so good! Groundwork really pays off!

SkyBar Farm said...

Congratulations Dakotah! You look great up there.

Life at Star's Rest said...

Hi Eric - I gave you a litte award over at my place...all you have to do is pick it up and pass it on, and I hope it inspires you to post more often! Carmon

Karen C. said...

I have not checked in for quite a while, and Augustus is looking great! Pretty awesome that Dakotah was the 2nd person on Augustus! Woo hoo!

And that tooth...yep, probably swallowed it and it is only a guess which apple it is in! :-)

Karen and Tripp

the 4 D's said...

Yep! Dakotah has been doing great with riding . Dakotah has done a awsome job riding the Bad Boys Rookie and Numerous.He is Becoming a Good young rider and in time he will be riding Gus with Eric. Oh yea, We can always buy you some checkletts for Gus's teeth Wear your Helmet Dakotah !!!! Dad