Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Texas meets Nevada

We have had a busy two weeks. My schedule has changed as well and am still adjusting to the new schedule and new days off. Augustus has been doing great and we have made some wonderful progress as usual. Lots of good saddle work, with both mounting and tacking. My mom was in town for a few days from Houston, Texas and spent most of her mini-vacation out at Shiloh, seeing all of the animals, relaxing, and spending time with Augustus and Sawyer. This was her first time meeting Saywer, and it was so neat to see them united for the first time. Sawyer enjoyed meeting her as well, especially since he got lots of extra love and treats. The last time my mom was here in Nevada was about a year ago and besides meeting Sawyer for the first time, she really enjoyed seeing the improvements to the ranch and of course the progress that Gus had made. Gus was still a little weary of her a year ago, having issues with her walking behind him, sudden movements, and taking extra precautions with females. Of course, alot has changed since then, and it was so cool to see the surprised look on my mom's face when Gus walked right up to her like it was no big deal and said hello. We had a chance to really show off his attention to my voice commands and body language as well, turned out to be very impressive. He is always a very fun horse, always wanting to play games and enjoy being a young Mustang, but when it is time to focus, he really focuses. My partner, Jeremy, also came out to the ranch while my Mom was in town and had a chance to jump up in the saddle. Gus was very tolerant of having someone new up in the saddle, and we managed to make a few laps around the round pen without any issues. It was an awesome experience for us all, and as I have said numerous times before, Augustus is going to be one hell of a horse. I am definitely a "Proud Papa". The following pictures are of myself and Gus, Jeremy riding Gus, Gus and his bestfriend Cochise, and my mom with Sawyer.


arlene said...

Gus is awesome. You look like a great team. When Jeremy is on his back Gus, is looking right at you. That's so cool. He does look like a happy young horse.

the 4 D's said...

you are a great horseman and a good friend . sure miss ya at the ranch on the weekends .we had some great laughs .

Dave & the boys