Sunday, March 22, 2009

Augustus and Iceman

We have a new arrival at Shiloh...a 3 year old Mustang stallion named Iceman. It is really neat having Iceman at the ranch, especially since I have known him for quite some time from out in the wild. Iceman was a part of the Spring Mountain Herd Management Complex (Red Rock, Johnnie, & Wheeler Pass) and spent his last days on the range with two other Palomino stallions, and covered an area ranging from Wilson Pass to the town of Goodsprings, Nevada. Iceman was recently gathered on February 10, 2009 due to an unfortunate nuisance situation on the outskirts of Goodsprings. I contacted the BLM and arranged for him to come to Shiloh. Iceman arrived on Sunday afternoon, safe and sound, and hopefully will enjoy his new life out at Shiloh.

I brought Augustus over to meet him Sunday afternoon, and they seemed to really hit it off. Like I stated earlier, Iceman is still a stallion, so I really didn't know what the first reaction would be. They just sniffed and talked for a bit, it was actually quite uneventful. Iceman's wild band was small, and all male, so that may be why there was no stud-like behavior right at first. I think Augustus was telling him that he didn't need to be scared and that he was in good hands. I also think that Gus said something like, "If you don't fight and let Eric halter you on the first try, then you can be that much closer to having fun with me in the turn-outs and we can run around all day and play Mustang." Who knows, maybe Gus and Iceman will become the best of friends. The Mustangs gotta stick together! :)


nikki said...

Wow! What a handsome horse! Congrats on the new addition to your herd! :)

the 4 D's said...

AaaWww Eric, what a Sweet story.
Looking forward to seeing "the IceMan" again on Sat. Then seeing you on Sunday. We will stay late so you and Dave can stand back and think about this beautiful creature. Can't wait to see Gus and he in the turnout ;o)