Friday, May 8, 2009

The Clayton Boys

Just wanted to share these two pictures of my boys, Augustus and Sawyer. They are both doing very well with each other. Gus is still a little jealous, but he has come a long way with acceptance. Sawyer has learned to socialize and be a horse, leaving the ol' working horse days behind him. They actually run around together and can get within 5 feet of each other without biting and kicking. :)

Also, I am happy to say that Wishes has returned to the ranch. Jenny had recently taken Wishes and Colbert and moved them closer in town so that she could see them more often. Unfortunately for Jenny (but fortunately for Gus) it didn't work out the way she had hoped and they came back last week. I know Gus is happy that he doesn't have to deal with the long distance relationship anymore. :)

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nikki said...

What handsome heartbreakers you have! :) Glad to hear that Wishes is back- you just can't stop true love lol