Monday, May 25, 2009

Trader Joe's

Just wanted to let everyone know just how awesome Trader Joe's is! Trader Joe's is a basic "neighborhood" grocery store that is well known for stocking the best types of organic, no preservative, fresh, healthy, unique, and imported foods. You can pretty much get whatever you want at Trader's, including milk, breads, meat, cheeses, and produce. But long story short, and speaking of the produce, one of our local Las Vegas locations have been helping out Shiloh by donating all the left-overs for our animals! Recently, Trader's donated about 50 cases of corn to us and we drove all around the ranch feeding the horses, dogs, pigs, cats, goats, llama, and any other type of animal I may be forgetting, haha. The following pictures are of Augustus eating some tasty organic corn for the first time. Thank you Trader Joe's for all that you do :) I know Gus is very appreciative.

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Life at Star's Rest said...

Hi Eric - thanks for the comment and I agree completely... 'violated' is a good way to describe it! It made me even more angry that this was a neighbor and someone who considers herself to be an artist. Your boy is looking great! Caron