Monday, June 8, 2009

Dad and Gus

The last few days have been very entertaining, as my Dad and Stepmom made it out to the ranch to visit the boys. The last time they saw Gus was about two years ago, and really only had a chance to view from a distance due to his wildness. So, this was an extra special trip as they were able to interact and really get to know Gus. We spent all day out at the ranch, took a long group walk, and had some fun in the arena. Dad rode Sawyer for a bit in the larger arena, and even had a chance to get in the stall with Iceman and play "Horse Whisperer" for a few minutes. The weather was great, lots of clouds and a slight breeze, so we managed to escape the desert heat. Dad actually got up in the saddle on Gus and luckily we snapped the pictures to prove it (great material to make certain family members back in Texas a bit jealous, haha). Gus was very gentle and cautious, paying attention to every step he took. He knew he had his grandpa on his back and didn't want to knock him off. :)


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