Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July Farrier Day

Today was "Farrier Day" out at the ranch. Travis King is such an awesome Farrier. I highly recommend him to anyone locally who may be looking for someone to handle their horses hooves. He was out today with Tyler, his buddy who is in training, and all went well with my boys. Naturally, Gus received compliments on his perfect Mustang feet. Sawyer also has great feet, but unfortunately he is a tenderfoot so we may be putting the shoes back on next time. As I have posted before, Travis works as a Knight for the Tournament of Kings Stunt Show at the Excalibur Casino here in Vegas. He works with hooves for additional funds so feel free to contact him at (702)277-1095. Also, just to be funny, I included some pics of Gus wearing his helmet today. He was playing pretty rough with the Wanderers. :)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Rain, Thunder, and Lightnin'

We have actually been getting some rain out here in the Mojave! Since Saturday the 18th, there has been rainfall, but of course some days more than most. On Monday night we had a really bad storm come through the Las Vegas area, and many of the roads in and around Sandy Valley / Shiloh were covered in water. Unfortunately the winds from the storm came through and blew down some of our stalls, and even one of our "Wanderers" shelters managed to be blown over our perimeter fence and land not far from a nearby airstrip. Needless to say, the horses were all a bit off after the crazy wind.

A Few Pics....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

HR 1018 Update

Quick update regarding HR 1018 from the AWHPC, dated 7/17/09 :

The Restoring Our American Mustangs (ROAM) Act - HR 1018, introduced by U.S. Representatives Rahall and Grijalva, passed in the House of Representatives this morning. The bill amends the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act by adding important new protections and provisions, such as the banning of helicopter round-ups and the reclaiming of land lost by America's wild horses over the past 30 years.

Thank you so much to all who raised your voices in support of this critical piece of legislation. Now we need to prepare for the Senate vote!

American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Journey

"As I walked throughout the wilderness of this world..." -John Bunyon

Hey folks! Hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day! I spent my day down at the ranch and was lucky enough to be in the company of some wonderful friends and their cool horses. It was awesome to be able to make it out to the ranch on a Saturday and reconnect with Dave, Deonna, and Dakotah Hickey. The Hickeys own two Thoroughbreds named Rookie and Numerous, and have recently adopted a little gelding named Sunday. After all the ranch work was done, we decided to take our guys out for a long walk out in the desert. Dakotah rode Rookie, Dave walked/rode Numerous, Deonna walked Sunday, and I walked with Augustus. It was such a nice, peaceful walk outside of the ranch gates, and I can't think of a better way to have spent July 4th, 2009. The event was actually Sundays first time walking through the gates and also the first time Rookie and Numerous were ridden outside the gates. Everyone did so well. Gus is a pro when it comes to walking and exploring the desert....pretty soon we will be exploring the desert just as Numerous and Rookie have done.....and I will be the happiest guy on earth at that very moment.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Summer Heat

Well, the summer heat is definitely in full swing now. The flys are multiplying every second, but no matter what happens, the fly masks are being torn off on a daily basis, haha. I found Gus' mask covered in dirt and poop and shredded for the last time, no more. If he is not that worried about it, then why should I be. I do have some face and eye lotion that should do the trick just fine though. Gus really enjoys being rinsed off in this heat, and like all the other horses, he loves to roll in the dirt and sand right after a nice bath. As soon as those knees buckle and they start to go down you want to scream, but once they get back up and are covered in mud, it is just too funny. Here are some pics from the last couple of weeks: Gus and his new friend Rocky, Gus and Cochise, Wishes and my buddy Scott, the last shredded fly mask, and of course a muddy Mustang. :)