Wednesday, July 29, 2009

July Farrier Day

Today was "Farrier Day" out at the ranch. Travis King is such an awesome Farrier. I highly recommend him to anyone locally who may be looking for someone to handle their horses hooves. He was out today with Tyler, his buddy who is in training, and all went well with my boys. Naturally, Gus received compliments on his perfect Mustang feet. Sawyer also has great feet, but unfortunately he is a tenderfoot so we may be putting the shoes back on next time. As I have posted before, Travis works as a Knight for the Tournament of Kings Stunt Show at the Excalibur Casino here in Vegas. He works with hooves for additional funds so feel free to contact him at (702)277-1095. Also, just to be funny, I included some pics of Gus wearing his helmet today. He was playing pretty rough with the Wanderers. :)


Mikey said...

Always love to see another farrier sweating it out, lol. Reminds me, I have 3 to do here..
Gus is so pretty!
And now why aren't you learning to do his feet? I can see you doing that!

Breathe said...

I'm glad to see Gus taking equine safety seriously.