Monday, November 16, 2009

Update 11/16/09

Hey everyone! It has been a crazy few days. For starters, "Yours truly" is now 30 years old. My birthday was November 12th. I brought the thirties in right by celebrating with friends at the Pioneer Saloon out in Goodsprings, NV. The craziest part of the night was seeing my Dad and Stepmom walk through the door! They drove all the way from Texas just to surprise me. It was such a great night and I couldn't have been surrounded with better folk. Earlier that day I spent a short time with Augustus and we took a long walk just relaxing before the big festivities. My folks came out to the ranch the following morning, along with my bestfriend Tim Riley and his fiancee', and snapped the two action shots below. It was a nice visit, and I think even Gus was surprised to see his Grandpa walk through the ranch gates. As for riding, Gus is coming along wonderfully as you can see. We spent some time round penning and polished off some nice trotting and even a canter. We are still awkward with turning to the right and we need some better brake pads, but all in all he is shaping into the perfect Mustang and I couldn't be happier. He is really comfortable and smooth to ride, perfect movement. I don't think my butt ever left the saddle once. Maybe by January we will be sharing with yall some shots of us outside the ranch gates! Keep those fingers crossed. :)

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