Sunday, January 17, 2010

Rummage Sale to benefit Mustangs!

Just wanted to share an email that I received from my friend, Paula Isengard. Feel free to forward this information along to others who may be interested. This will be taking place in the Las Vegas, NV area.




To all my friends, equine and otherwise:

As all of you know, I spend most of my time, effort, energy and money rescuing horses that would otherwise be mistreated, starved or sent to the Fallon Feedlot. Currently we have six horses in rescue. Although we do have two adoptions pending there never seems to be enough time, money or hay. The Mustang geldings we have are very lovely boys and we know that their best chance for a good, permanent placement will be if they are saddle trained. To that end, we would like to have a rummage sale to raise the funds to send them to college at the Diamond W Ranch where they will be trained by Joe Weitekamp. I am hoping to have the sale on February 20 at Lake Mead Hardware. All proceeds will go towards the training of the Mustangs.

If you have household items, clothing, electronics or tack sitting around gathering dust, please consider donating them to the Mustangs and our rummage sale! And of course, if you would like to volunteer to work the sale, I’d love that too. We appreciate every single bit of help we receive. You can call me to donate or for more information at 702-437-3367 or text to 702-858-3542. Thank you!

Please feel free to forward.


Paula Isenbarg
The Huppie Syndicate

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david said...

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