Saturday, February 13, 2010

Augustus and Iceman

Well, the only thing that has been consistent lately is mud, more mud, and more mud from where the other mud came from, haha. The rains have finally stopped and now we just have to wait for everything to dry up. The weather has warmed up into the 60's and it feels like spring is creeping up on us. Before too long, all of our temporary swamps, ponds, and lakes at the ranch will be gone and we can all go about business as usual. I am definitely looking forward to getting back into the groove with some riding..and giving my boys a much needed bath.

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Andrea -Mustang Saga said...

I love that first picture of Gus. He looks like such a character.

I was looking at your pictures of Iceman on Facebook. It looks like you got to see him in the wild quite a bit before he was gathered. Is that right? What a wonderful opportunity, to adopt one you've loved in the wild.