Monday, March 29, 2010

Augustus meets Aztec

Aztec is our newest arrival at Shiloh. He is a 5 month old Alpaca who just arrived on Saturday from the NSPCA. He is so adorable and so affectionate. Gus was very curious to see what this little guy was all about, and I think they hit it off pretty good. It was neat to watch them check each other out. Gus is very social, so he wanted to make sure he gave Aztec his formal introduction and welcome him to Shiloh. Maybe they will be good friends? :)


Breathe said...

It looks like they're saying "Wow. That's the weirdest horse I've ever seen."

"Shh. you'll give him a complex."


Welcome Aztec!

Mikey said...

He is TOOO CUTE!! OMG!! Love that lil face!
Love your new header pic too, that one's a keeper :)