Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The West is the Best

There is no better way to describe the last few days than to call them AWESOME. I am definitely a proud Dad, and I couldn't be happier with Augustus. He has been doing so well. We have been spending lots of time riding around the property and showing off in the arena. The arena was a blast on Monday as we picked up the speed and surprisingly we went the whole day without a buck. It must be the arena, because when we pick up the pace in the Round Pen I sometimes think I am on a bronc! But, of course, thats always fun too. :)Anyway, it was a perfect day on Monday, and we enjoyed showing off for my friend, Megan. She is a great friend of mine, knows her horsemanship, and we were even wranglers together a few years back. She is taking ownership of another horse and is now the newest Boarder at the ranch. We are very excited to have her join Shiloh, and I look forward to spending more time with her and enjoying ourselves out on trail.

After some riding at the ranch, we decided to venture off into the desert for a nice ride. The Las Vegas area was under a storm watch, so we had some really neat clouds hovering above the valley, and as usual this created some awesome scenery and an amazing backdrop for our adventure. No matter how many times I look at the same mountains (especially on horseback), I just can't help myself but stop, shake my head in amazement, and just say "Wow."

The West is definitely the Best.

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