Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's a "Stone Cabin Grey Thang"

I love this time of year because the dirty, shaggy winter coat has finally shed and I can see Augustus' real coat and color! Each year he gets a bit darker and darker. It's interesting really, since most Grey horses tend to get lighter with age, but Gus' specific little family always seems to get darker and almost "roan" out. Today was a nice day....we all just spent some quality time together and no one was tacked up, haha. Shiloh horses, Banjo and Lobo, joined Gus and Sawyer in the turnout today and they had a great time. Lots of sunshine, warm weather, and soft sand. Even Cortez, Shiloh's Mustang and Leader of the "Wanderers", stopped by for a visit.

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Breathe said...

Interesting. Will he eventually get black? or just very dark gray?