Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Successful Saturday

The clinic with Joe Weitekamp on Saturday, May 1st was a huge success! A big thanks to everyone who participated and lended a helping hand, and an even bigger thanks to Joe for all of his hardwork and dedication to the horses. We appreciate all that you do for us! We had a great turnout, near perfect weather, and enjoyed an awesome BBQ lunch. Augustus and I participated in the clinic as one of the Horse / Handler Teams. It was nice to share this experience with Gus since this was his first clinic, and we had alot of fun doing it. Joe shared his knowledge and professional experience with gaining your horses respect from the ground up and building the perfect relationship with your horse. We had auditors along the outside of the arena taking notes, asking questions, and observing while a handful of other folks and their horses practiced "hands on" in the arena with us. I will be receiving more pictures tomorrow, so I am sure I will be posting a few more entries over the next few days. The best part of the day for me was watching Joe and "Wiseguy" show off in the arena. Wiseguy is Joe's Mustang for the Extreme Mustang Makeover and they have made some awesome progress over the last few months. This was their last chance to practice in front of a large crowd before heading down to Norco, CA for the EMM Trail Challenge. Good luck guys! I hope to see yall down there!

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WoofWhinnyWhisper said...

Looks like you're getting in some practice there with Gus! Looking good!