Friday, June 4, 2010

One Hot Friday 6/4/10

Summer is DEFINITELY here now. I am not sure what happened to the 90 degree days, but it seems like we left the upper 80's and went straight to the triple digits. This weekend we are supposed to be around 110 degrees. Being that it was so hot, and we are all still adjusting, there was nearly zero motivation today. Augustus and I didn't work one bit, but still managed to enjoy ourselves and just spend some time together. I was out of town for over two weeks so it was nice to just relax and make the most of it. I really missd my boy so it warmed my heart to be greeted with a nicker when I went into the pasture to find him on Thursday. Doesn't get any better than that. :) Augustus had his first "extremely thorough" bath today and man does he look handsome when he is all cleaned up. I don't use shampoo and conditioner that often with my horses, so today he got the "works" treatment which also included some good 'ol hoof dressing. If Gus were a human, he would be the kid who runs around barefoot in his overalls catching frogs with dirt all over his face and hands, but today after his bath he looked so healthy and grown up...made me realize just how mature he has become and how lucky I am to have such an awesome Mustang.