Sunday, October 24, 2010

ACTHA's Sandy Valley CTC 10/23/10

WOW! What a day! Augustus and I completed the ACTHA / Sandy Valley CTC yesterday and had quite an adventure doing it! We made it from start to finish and had the time of our lives. The course was six miles and included six natural obstacles. The weather was absolutely perfect..lots of clouds and a nice chill in the air. Gus and all of the other competing horses were all riled up and really feelin' good. Since its been raining off and on over the last week, the desert was like a swamp...lots of mud and water everywhere. We rode with a great bunch of friends, and as a whole, we only had a few rodeo moments. Gus did excellent at his first event and I couldn’t be happier with my boy! I hope to post more pics of our adventure as I receive them. Thanks for stopping by!


Mikey said...

Such a great post! Looks like a super fun ride. You and Gus have come a long way together!

CalamityN'Me said...

So glad you went! After all the time you two spent together, I'm sure he had no trouble with the obstacles.

Too bad Gus's girlfriend "Wishes" wasn't able to join him. :)
*hugs to you both*

Found art blog said...

Does Gus talk?! By the looks of them photos, I suspect he does!!! How's it all hanging over there?