Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Remembering an American Legend

Yesterday I said a final goodbye to a "Once in a Lifetime Man" and friend, Tony Curtis. Tony was such a huge part of our Shiloh family, and in the short three years that I knew him I learned what a wonderful person he was. So compassionate, so intriguing, so entertaining, but more importantly so loving....especially of our fearless leader of Shiloh and his wife of 12 years, Jill Curtis. At 85 years old, he was so full of life and always ready to make you laugh and there was never any want for a great story. Myself, and the rest of our Shiloh gang (not to mention all of the many other family members, friends, and even fans) were present at his Memorial Service and Reception here in Las Vegas, Nevada to celebrate his extraordinary life in the way he would have wanted.

Tony, you will be dearly missed, but of course never forgotten. Thank you for everything. It has truly been an honor to have known you and be a part of your incredible life and journey.


Found art blog said...

I quite envy you knowing him at Shiloh on a regular basis!! Hope everyone's hanging in there at the ranch.... keep an eye on Jill for us, eh?! Hugs to you and Gus too!

Eric Clayton said...

Will do :) Thanks for keeping Jill in your thoughts.

Found art blog said...

Not a problem - not much else I can do from over the pond! Extra carrots to Gus too.... he's such a sweetie!