Friday, March 25, 2011

Cold, Windy, and Wet 3/25/11

We have been having some crazy weather out this way lately. Some weeks it will be warm and you can basically go shirtless and soak up the sun. Other weeks it will be cold, windy, and it was today. The benefit of all that wintry weather staying around is that it makes for some awesome pictures. Augustus is doing fine. No major updates really. We haven't been terribly active due to the high winds and blowing sand, but hopefully soon we will be back out exploring and learning new things.

We do have the Ride for the Mustangs coming up, so maybe in a few days the weather will ease up and we can continue polishing up and getting prepared for that event. With one ACTHA ride already under his belt, we hope to leave everyone else in the dust on this one! It is in June, so we have plenty of time.

Augustus will also be heading to the Las Vegas Petapalooza event this year on April 6th to represent the American Mustang on behalf of the National Wild Horse Association. The event will be at the Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas, NV. This will be Gus' first appearance at the event and I think he is looking forward to meeting some new people, hoping to snag a few treats, and help spread the word about our Mustangs and succesful adoptions. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Friday, March 18, 2011

ACTHA's Ride for the Mustangs

World Record Ride for the Mustangs!
ACTHA's 2011 World Record Ride, "Ride for the Mustangs", has been set for June 4th and will benefit our wild ones and the Mustang Heritage Foundation.

Our Las Vegas area host will be Sandy Valley Ranch out in Sandy Valley, NV. Check out ACTHA or Sandy Valley Ranch for more details.

You can count on Augustus and I to be there representing the American Mustang!

In support of Mustang Heritage Foundation`s mission to increase the number of adoptions of American Mustangs, ACTHA has selected the Mustang Heritage Foundation as its main beneficiary for the 2011 Guinness™ World Record Ride.

Be a Part of History...

and you will be doing an amazing thing to help the great American Mustang. This is a Charity ride and net proceeds from each rider entry fee will go directly to the Mustang Heritage Foundation.

Spring is here 3/18/11

Sunday, March 6, 2011

BLM Accelerates Fundamental Reforms to Wild Horse and Burro Management

Release Date 2/24/11 - Agency to Cut Back on Gathers; Increase Fertility Control and Adoptions; Strengthen Humane Animal Care and Handling Measures

BLM Accelerates Fundamental Reforms to Wild Horse and Burro Management