Friday, September 9, 2011


Tomorrow is the big ride and today was probably the cleanest Gus has ever been! :) We are gonna get an early start, do a bit of round pen work, then head out for the trail. I am excited to see how Gus handles the obstacles this time around...I am sure there will be lots of "firsts" for him but he always stays calm and does a great job. Gus has usually been the only Mustang that heads out on ACTHA's rides from Sandy Valley Ranch so far...hopefully we will see many more tomorrow representing!


wolfy said...

He's such a beautiful horse - good luck!

Breathe said...

Go, go, Gus!

Spartacus Jones said...

I love that photo.


Rita Tate said...

Gus is a beautiful horse! I love all horses but my favorites are white or grey.

I don't have any horses now - wish I did but at the moment I don't have a place to keep one. Anyway I am older now and don't have the zip to take care of one.

Hope your ride turns out good - would love to be going too.

Rita Tate

Rose Bruno Bailey said...

Gus is one majestic horse.I am such an animal lover and the photos really are beautiful.