Monday, May 28, 2012

Welcome back, Wishes! 5/28/12

My daughter-in-law is back at the ranch! Yeehaw!! Welcome back, Wishes. We definitely missed you, especially Gus. Jenny Kane, Wishes' owner, moved her into town so she could see her more often, but due to special circumstances, they have come back out to Sandy Valley. This is great for everyone at the ranch because these two make a great team and were missed dearly. Augustus and Wishes basically grew up together and formed a wonderful relationship and were instantly love birds. Today,they played and had a great time in the arena, and it was like they never left. Looking forward to Wishes and Jenny joining us out on trail for many more adventures. Wishes sure has grown up and looks beautiful. Gus better keep an eye out on the other geldings...he may have some competition. :) Other than that awesome news, hope everyone had a great Memorial Day. Augustus and I went on a nice ride, and I couldn't think of anywhere better to to be than on the back of my Mustang.

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