Sunday, January 24, 2016

G'day strangers!!

Hello everyone! Decided to sign back in after a very long hiatus and noticed there were a few pending comments, so wanted to post in case anyone was still out there. :) I have been very busy with lots of traveling and Gus has changed tremendously but still such an amazing horse with an awesome personality. With the nature of social media, I have mainly focused on Facebook and Instagram, but thought it was time to say hello again and make some updates. Gus is 9 years old now and we are still at Shiloh Horse Rescue where he enjoys his boarded life with many of the same (and new) pasture mates. Shiloh is still going strong, focusing on The Lucky Horse to sell handmade shoes in order to support the ranch and all of its endeavors. NWHA is not really in existence any longer and actually the status of the group is in limbo, so unfortunately I have no updates on that. But, alas, Augustus is still the same fun and mischievous guy and a blast to ride. We are still loving life out here in the Mojave. I will try to update the site more often, but in case any one is interested, you can follow my account on Instagram - @bonzamate. I tend to post a good mix of travel and horse photos and maybe you will find them interesting. Also, I am on Vimeo: Until next time, please enjoy some recent photographs of Augustus.